Kids Concept Abacus CARL LARSSON £27.90
Five blue plus nine green will be fourteen. But what will it be like to get as many each? Now it will be both easy and fun to learn to count. In this abacus there are eight rows of ten balls on each where the children can practice all our four counts - plus, minus, times and divided. With this calculation toy, together with the combination of different colors, you have a fantastic educational tool for teaching children numbers just like you did when Karin and Carl Larsson were young themselves. On the ball frame page you can find both Carl's signature and Kid's Concepts log burned in wood. Size:  ( LxBxH ): 30 x 6.5 x 25 cm Material: Wood
Kids concept wooden AIDEN Garage 3 level Kids concept wooden AIDEN Garage 3 level
Kids Concept AIDEN Garage 3 level £94.00
This garage toy from Kids Concept will keep children entertained for hours creating exciting adventures. Complete with three levels, a helicopter and helipad, this toy will teach children basic problem solving skills, with a wind up lift to all of the levels and toll barrier to play with as well. Included 3 cars and a helicopter.  THE PRODUCT COMPLIES WITH THE EU'S CURRENT SAFETY AND FOLLOWS THE TOY STANDARD EN 71   WARNING! NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER THREE  RECOMMENDED AGE : 3Y+  
-39% sale
Animal wood train EDVIN Animal wood train EDVIN
Kids Concept Animal wood train EDVIN £22.00 £36.00
Wooden train with a locomotive made of blocks, and two wagons that can easily be connected and disconnected. Five different animal figures are included and can travel on the train. Length in cm 46 Width in cm 9 Height in cm 10 The product is intended for children over 12 months. Remove the wrapping and packaging before giving the product to a child. Retain the information and the address for future reference.
Kids Concept Baking Set BISTRO Kids Concept Baking Set BISTRO
Kids Concept Baking Set BISTRO £32.50
Baking set with accessories. Aspiring bakers can make animal shaped ginger breads with this set. It is great for inspiring your child.
-49% sale
Kids Concept Blender BISTRO Kids Concept Blender BISTRO
Kids Concept Blender BISTRO £18.00 £35.00
Whip up a smoothie in our toy blender. Blend all the fruit together, mix, and serve to Mr. Teddy and all his friends. If you have wooden vegetables at home, blend them together into a tasty veggie power smoothie! Length in cm 12.5 Width in cm 11.8 Height in cm 20 Other dimensions Mug: 6x6x5 cm. Number of parts (mounted) 9  
Sold out
Kids Concept wooden Bottle set 5 pieces Kids Concept wooden Bottle set 5 pieces
Kids Concept Bottle set 5 pieces £12.00
This bottle set will allow children to copy their parents when they’re making dinner, using the different bottles to build their imagination skills. Works perfectly with other food items from the Kids Concept range. 25 x 4 x 11.5cm
Sold out
Camper Van Surf AID Camper Van Surf AID
Kids Concept Camper Van Surf AID £47.90
Motorhome AIDEN in FSC certified wood. The car has lots of different features and features. The solar panel on the roof can be transformed into a beach if you turn it around. Fold down the back door and use it as a sun terrace that you can sit on until sunset. Chairs, a table, a barbecue and surfboard are included. The figures Joel and Saga are real globetrotters. They live their best life and have renovated and rebuilt an old pickup, fixed new interior and painted the outside in happy, sunny colors. Saga has built a bracket for her surfboard on the side of the car and is surfing as soon as she gets the opportunity. They have created an oasis with their van - which they can take everywhere.  One of their motto in life is, "turn your face against the sun, and you will never see the shadow". Encourages role-playing and stimulates the imagination where everything is possible. Size:  ( LxBxH ): 22.5 x 11 x 13 cm Material: Motorhome: Furu, plywood. Surfboard: Plywood. Guys, barbecue, tailgate support, wheels, table, chair: Schima. Wheel axle: Stainless steel. Lace: Polypropylene.
wooden candy sweets set by kids concept wooden candy sweets set by kids concept
Kids Concept Candy set £13.00
This set of wooden candy from Kids Concept is a fun toy for children to play with, promoting learning through play. Comes complete with a drawstring bag to tidy them away with. A total of 15 candy pieces. Includes a storage bag that measures 15 x 20 cm.  THE PRODUCT COMPLIES WITH THE EU'S CURRENT SAFETY AND FOLLOWS THE TOY STANDARD EN 71   WARNING! NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER THREE  RECOMMENDED AGE : 3Y+
Kids Concept Car track nature Nature Kids Concept Car track nature Nature
Kids Concept Car track nature Nature £32.00
Three layer car track designed with clever structure. The layers are closely connected with each other to ensure the smooth sliding process when they're released from the top. The 3 cars will race all the way down. Allow toddlers to fully enjoy the race while learning through playing and promote hand-eye coordination, thinking skills and attention. Develop communication skills and encourages cooperation when taking turns to play their own race cars on the toddler race track.  3 cars includes. recommended from 24 months Material DescriptionCar track: FSC certified linden plywood. Cars: FSC certified birch. Wheel axles: Aluminium. 
-40% sale
Kids Concept Coffee machine set Kids Concept Coffee machine set
Kids Concept Coffee machine set £26.00 £43.00
Children learn by copying, and so this coffee machine set from Kids Concept will aid with your children’s imagination and motor skills. Complete with milk, sugar, beans and a mug, this set, in muted tones, will entertain your children for hours. 8.5 x 16 x 20cm
Kids Concept Coffee Shop KID's HUB Kids Concept Coffee Shop KID's HUB
Kids Concept Coffee Shop KID's HUB £44.00
Coffee machine in KID'S HUB in FSC certified wood. Now you can be your own mini barrista, open cafe and serve cappuccino, latte or an americano. The choice is yours! On the coffee machine's side is one of / on button. On the back there is a slate board where you can write a menu. (cry not included). On the front there is a knob with click sound to determine the strength of the coffee and a printed display for milk foams and various well for the coffee. On the top of the machine are storage compartments for the coffee. The set includes two barrels, two small cups, two large cups, two teaspoons, a card reader, a Kids Concept debit card (with unlimited validity). In total, there are 17 parts in the set. The blocks of coffee fit both in large and small cups.  Size:   ( LxBxH ): 15 x 14.5 x 21.5 cm Other dimensions: Coffee cup: 6x5cm. Plate: 7x7cm. Bank box: 5.5x1.5x8.5cm. Material: Coffee machine: Plywood made of lime, birch. Card Reader: Book. Credit card, mat, spoon: Plywood of lime. Cup, block with coffee: Birch. Coffee beans, slate board: MDF.
-47% sale
Kids Concept Cubes wood 10 pcs EDVIN Kids Concept Cubes wood 10 pcs EDVIN
Kids Concept Cubes Wood 10 PCS EDVIN £17.00 £32.00
10 wooden blocks in fun colours from Kids Concept. Each block is numbered from 1-10 with corresponding symbols on the sides. Block no. 4 has four rectangles painted on the sides. No. 8 - an octagon. And block no. 7 has seven stripes. Use them to stack, build, play, count and practice numbers and shapes. Comes with a cotton storage bag. 
Kids Concept Cubes wood 5 pcs EDVIN Kids Concept Cubes wood 5 pcs EDVIN
Kids Concept Cubes wood 5 pcs EDVIN £34.90
Stackable cubes in fine colours in wood from Kids Concept. Can be stacked on each other or inside each other. Can be sorted in order from smallest to largest and vice versa. Encourages logical thinking, exercises motor skills, coordination and can keep the child busy for several hours. Suitable for children of all ages. The smallest loves to pick in and out the cubes. Older kids can use them as houses for their toy animals or as storage boxes, the variations are endless. Each cube has a hole, that, when stacked inside each other forms a hole through them all.
Kids Concept Double decker AIDEN Kids Concept Double decker AIDEN
Kids Concept Double Decker AIDEN £45.00
Hop on board! Take a seat on the double decker around the house. This bus in FSC-certified wood takes you on a tour of Aiden City. The double decker comes with seven passengers and a bus driver. The floor of the top deck can be removed to take out the figures.
-36% sale
Kids Concept Drum mini White Kids Concept Drum mini White
Kids Concept Drum Mini White £12.00 £18.50
Mini drum in FSC-certified wood. Children love playing instruments and learning to make sounds themselves. This drum is also a lovely interior design element for your child’s room or anywhere in the home to give it a splash of colour. A perfect toy instrument for children who love music or to help create an interest in music. Height in cm 8.9 Diameter in cm 16.8 Other dimensions Drum sticks: 10.5 cm.   Suitable from 18 months
Kids Concept Fire truck AIDEN Kids Concept Fire truck AIDEN
Kids Concept Fire truck AIDEN £44.00
Fire in the house! Make sure that the three firefighters Sam, Pat and Jim always are alert to stop the fires in the Aiden City. The ladder can be rotated horizontally and vertically. The fire hose can be attached to the outer edge of the ladder. Use the three cones to block off the road so no cars passes by to disturb the firefighters in their important work. While driving around the cones can be stored inside the truck. Fire truck in FSC certified wood.
Sold out -22% sale
Garbage truck Aiden Kids Concept Garbage truck Aiden Kids Concept
Kids Concept Garbage truck Aiden £37.00 £47.00
Time to recycle! Wooden rubbish truck with four sorting bins for recycling. The bins can be placed on the lift at the back and lifted up into the truck. The bins have different symbols for paper, glass, and metal. Recommended 18 months 27cm x 10cm x 13.5cm Material Description Truck; front and container: Plywood Opening lid: Plywood Truck body: Schima Wheels: Schima Trash can: Schima
Kids Concept Ice cream with rack wooden ice cream set with rack from kids concept
Kids Concept Ice cream with rack £35.90
Developed by Kids Concept, this toy will enable children to build their own ‘ice cream’. Complete with an old-fashioned style stand, this toy will teach your children about social and cognitive development, whilst also being a fun game to play.  THE PRODUCT COMPLIES WITH THE EU'S CURRENT SAFETY AND FOLLOWS THE TOY STANDARD EN 71   WARNING! NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER THREE  RECOMMENDED AGE : 3Y+
Kids Concept wooden pastries cakes
Kids Concept Pastries £14.50
What could be nicer than a range of freshly made cakes and pastries? This set of toy pastries from Kids Concept, will entertain your child for hours, whilst also helping to develop their social and motor skills.
Pavilion Play Tent Pavilion Play Tent
Kids Concept Pavilion Play Tent £187.00
The Kids Concept Pavilion Play tent is the perfect hideaway. This versatile playhouse will fit perfect in your modern nursery, playroom or family room. Roll down the sides to create a den from reading, playing and snuggling, roll them up and invite your friends over for a picnic! Children love to use the pavilion for role-play including shop, kitchen or library.  Easy to assemble and to take apart again, the tent can be used in the garden in summer on warm days to give some shade. Base diameter approximately 110cm Teepee height when up approximately 170cm
Picnic Set Kids Hub Picnic Set Kids Hub
Kids Concept Picnic Set Kids Hub £54.90
Who wants the middle? Now you can have a picnic all year round with this set of toy food from Kid's Hub. Here you will find everything you could possibly need for a cozy picnic with your friends. Tablets, cutlery and mugs and offer both coffee and raspberry lemonade. Serve rye bread sandwich with cheese and finish with a small croissant half. And don't forget the fruit!The apple and croissants sit together with Velcro on the inside of the halves which allows you to easily share with your friends. Both the lemonade bottle and the thermos have removable corks to make the game even more vibrant. All toys, in addition to the tablecloth and sandwich bags, are made of wood which will allow them to play for a long time. Tip! The basket can also be used as a shopping basket when it's time to play business.Contains: *Picnic basket *Two rye bread *Two cheese slices *Two sandwich bags in paper *A banana *Two croissants *An apple *Two plates *Two mugs *Cutlery *Termos *Lemonade Bottle Size: Basket: 23x16.5x22.5 cm. Cloth: 35x35 cm. Plate: 14x14x1.5 cm. Glass: 5x5x7.5 cm Cutlery: 12x2 cm. Thermos: 5x5x13 cm. Earth bug lemonade: 4.5x4.5x13 cm. Rye bread: 7x7x1 cm. Cheese: 6.5x6.5x0.4 cm. A croissant half: 4.5x5x1.2 cm. One half apple: 4.5x2.5x4.5 cm. The course: 10.5x4x2.5 cm. Material: Basket: Plywood of lime. Thermos, earth bug lemonade, glass, cutlery, croissant, apple: Schima. Plate, rye bread, cheese: MDF. Banana: Book. Cloth: Cotton.  
Play Tunnel Off White Play Tunnel Off White
Kids Concept Play Tunnel Off White £48.00
The play tunnel is perfect for hiding in or crawling through quickly. Exploring a play tunnel often becomes an adventure. Put it in front of the play tent and you will get a long tunnel as an entrance. Exercising the motorcycle. Easy to fold again and store.   Size:  Diameter ( cm ): 47 Material:  Textile: Cotton Wires: Iron
Kids Concept Play house tent off whiteKids Concept Play house tent off white Kids Concept Play house tent off white
Kids Concept PRE_ORDER Play house tent off white £145.00
  Due end of August Children love building cabins and creating their own little cosy den. This Play House from Kids Concept will keep them entertained for hours. Ideal for role-plays involving cabin building or just their own space to relax and read a book in. The more pillows, blankets, and cuddly toys they can cram in there, the cosier it becomes. Take down all the sides for a complete house to play in or roll up the sides and invite all your friends to join you in the pavilion. Easy to assemble and to take apart again. Ager recommendation: 3 years+ Materials: 100% Cotton, Pinewood, Polyethylene Measurements: 110cm x 84cm x 124cm Care: Spot clean only. Dust clean the fabric by airing the fabric or vacuum clean gently   Material Description Textile: 100% Cotton Tent pegs: Pine, PE-plastic
Kids Concept Recycling Station Aiden Kids Concept Recycling Station Aiden
Kids Concept Recycling Station Aiden £48.00
The recycling activity in Aiden is high. Moa, the recycle engineer is both handling the daily work with the truck at the recycling station as well as making sure that the citizens find their way in the station. The self-pointed recycling expert Nisse is here every week and lives close-by. Always with new fresh ideas how to recycle better and easier. The set includes • A recycling truck with room for different kind of items to be recycled. • 17 pieces of printed wooden "garbage cards", • One consumer recycling station. • One recycling truck with room for some cards at the back + the driver Moa. • One private car with the driver Nisse. • Truck recycling station with a scale. (When turning the orange button - it is a click sound) • A consumer recycling station for both clothes, bottles, and cans. Size: Scale: 23x11,5x13,5 cm. Small recycling station: 8x4x8cm. Big car: 12,5x8,5x7 cm. Small car: 9,5x8,5x5,5 cm. People: 3,5x3,5x6,5 cm. Card: 5x4 cm. Material: Made of FSC certified wood Recycling bins, recycling figures, car recycling station: Plywood Figures, Garbage truck: Schima Manual recycling station, base plate for the recycling station: Beech Garbage cans: cardboard. Paint Type: Water based lacquer, Water based color

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