IB Laursen

IB Laursen

Ib Laursen - Danish homeware and glassware

Born in the heart of Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark, Ib Laursen designs and sells snuggly home decor that will transform your home into a cosy paradise

A perfect fusion of simplistic Nordic style and romantic nostalgia, the Ib Laursen collection effortlessly manages to be modern and vintage at the very same time.

Ib Laursen don’t only sell gorgeous pillows, throws and trinkets for your home. The Danish company also provides beautiful wares for gardens all across the country, to help make your patio, decking or balcony just as stylish as the rooms in your house!

Here at Folk Interiors, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of wonderful Ib Laursen homewares, with shipping all across the UK. Just click on the links to find out more.

About Ib Laursen

Ib Laursen was founded in 1971 and named after its creator. Originally a small retail shop, the brand grew and grew, and is now one of the most well-loved designer ranges in not only Europe but the world.

Ib Laursen draws inspiration from fairs, flea markets and overseas influences. This has led to a broad collection that combines Scandinavian (‘Scandi’) style with a little international flair.

With two collections a year, Ib Laursen offers a wide range of stunning decor for all rooms of your home, from the bedroom to the kitchen... and everywhere in between!

Ib Laursen’s dedication to sustainability

At Ib Laursen, all products are created sustainably and waste is kept to a minimum.

For example, take Ib Laursen’s famous denim hanging chair. The fabric is produced from 80% waste cuts, meaning that only a small amount of new fabric is used. These waste cuts that would have otherwise been thrown away are shredded into small fibres for weaving, resulting in an incredible 50 litres of water saved per chair.

Ib Laursen also supports the work of the Danish Red Cross, which helps people in need, wherever they are in the world.

A wide selection of beautiful fabrics

Looking for those soft dishcloths that your grandma used to knit when you were younger? You’ll find them here!

Ib Laursen sells a comprehensive collection of soft and comforting fabrics for every room of the home. From potholders and washcloths to quilts and towels, you will find a wonderful range here.

All of the colours are inspired by nature, ranging from mustard yellow to sumptuous blackberry parfait. Stick with one colour to create a simple yet beautiful theme running through your home or mix things up for an eclectic and retro experience!

Don’t forget your garden!

When we look at buying new decorations to uplift our home, we often forget to look at our gardens. Don’t forget that your outdoor space needs a little love too! 

New tableware, seating and plant pots can totally transform a garden space and turn it into an inviting place to spend a warm summer day with family and friends.

Ib Laursen’s range of quilts, cushions and towels come in a range of nature-inspired colours that will complement your outdoor area and keep you cosy on cool nights. All you need to do is bring out the candles and lanterns to light up the garden!

If you have green fingers, Ib Laursen’s rustic handmade plant pots will provide a study home for all your flowers and herbs. Cluster them together on your patio or decking to turn your garden into a lush urban jungle.

Looking for something a little extra special? Ib Laursen’s hanging chair is the perfect place to relax with a book and a chilled drink while soaking up the sun!