My Story

Katy Parkinson from Folk Interiors photographed with her children by Katherine Taylor

Folk Interiors came about after I became a mum.

Motherhood opened my eyes to a world of inspiration when it came to buying for my girls, but i could never find what i was looking for as an adult.

It was this revelation, coupled with two things that happened while I was pregnant with my first daughter, that spurred me into action.

First, there was a house fire in London. I lost all of my belongings. But instead of feeling sad, somehow I felt uplifted.

The second was the death of my father. I was lucky to have had an incredible relationship with him, because he was an incredible man.

And I will always have the memories.

He had his own photography studio where I worked as a child, I ending up knowing his business model inside out. He was a great DIYer and he taught me a lot of practical skills, he was always knocking a wall down, or putting one up.

Now I look back at these things and realise they moved me to start Folk Interiors. And in a funny way, helped me to bring together other parts of myself that had been there all along.

I am a photographer and qualified teacher as well as a full time mother. And my husband has 30 years experience as an interior designer and bar owner.

Together we have designed and converted three run down buildings into three successful bars, and had a whole lot of fun doing it. You may know them: Folk, Wine & Wallop in Didsbury and Wine and Wallop in Knutsford with Folk prestwich opening soon.

While the bars are an incredible outlet for interiors, we couldn't help but think there was space for something more. Something that focused on creativity outside of bar culture.

It had to be simple and it had to be accessible.

And as we already had such an amazing team in place who had always believed in our dreams, we knew we could make this one happen too.

Then there is my daily inspiration. I recently finished reading ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo, which resulted in me getting rid of 50 bags of belongings in order to live more simply. Now I focus on simple, unfussy objects that bring joy into my daily life.

And that's what I hope to bring to you with Folk Interiors.

An unfussy, personal experience, filled with simple delights.  

So, whether I see you at the markets or you visit us online, I hope the experience of Folk Interiors brings you joy.