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Coffee & Tea Cups

Scandinavian Inspired Ceramic Mugs

If you are looking for uniquely beautiful ceramic mugs with a sustainable twist, then you have come to the right place. 

Enjoy the pleasure of a perfect morning coffee with our range of bespoke, elegant and distinctive ceramic coffee mugs that will brighten up your home.

Start your morning off the right way with our exquisite collection of Scandinavian inspired ceramic mugs, sourced from Scandinavian and Nordic brands that use sustainable practices.

From Scandinavian style mugs to cosy tea mugs and elegant porcelain mugs made from bone china, there is truly something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your coffee cup and teacup collection today and see for yourself why these mugs are every coffee lover's new favourite accessory. 

What is the Scandinavian style?

The Scandinavian style or 'Scandi-Style' emphasizes minimalism and simplicity in drinkware design. Natural materials and clean lines characterize the natural style of this collection.  

It’s true that quality is better than quantity and the true essence of Scandinavian style is to create several well-considered statement pieces that will be the talk of the town. As well as being simple in their design, Scandinavian homewares are all about functionality. 

Broste Copenhagen, HK Living and Blomus are brands that embrace simple design and functionality, which are the hallmarks of Nordic and Scandinavian style. Each individual homeware piece is unique due to its handmade finish, so they really are one of a kind. 

Whether it is a dishwasher safe espresso cup, 70’s inspired cappuccino mugs or Latte Macchiato glass sets, the Scandinavian design adds a touch of style and intrigue to any homeware piece.

Our Commitment to Sourcing Sustainable Brands

At Folk Interiors, we're passionate about sourcing high quality, sustainable and luxurious items with a Scandinavian or Nordic living theme. Which is why we're proud to offer a wide variety of stylish and sustainable home products from Broste Copenhagen, Bolmus and HK Living.

About Broste Copenhagen

Broste Copenhagen was founded in Denmark in 1955 and is one of Scandinavia’s leading interior design brands.

This Danish brand focuses on delivering high-quality ‘slow fashion’ by creating a range of stylish and sustainable handmade homewares that are designed to look wonderful in the years to come.

Every two years, Broste Copenhagen releases new collections, inspired by the team's travels around the world. This year, Folk Interiors is proud to showcase an extensive range of these collections on our website.

Nordic Sand and Nordic Sea are two of the design collections we offer. The Nordic Sand stoneware mug collection is inspired by earthy tones and neutrals, while the Nordic Sea stoneware mug collection is characterized by the elegant blues and greys of the stormy Scandinavian waters.

Broste Copenhagen's Commitment to Sustainability

As Broste Copenhagen states, “Assuming a social responsibility is not about adapting to customer demands, riding a passing green wave, or embellishing yourself with fashionable labels. Instead, it is about decency.”

Broste Copenhagen is a proud beneficiary of the Nordic Ecolabel, which acknowledges businesses that practice ethical business practices and choose environmentally friendly production methods. 

Each product is handmade and made with recycled materials where possible. All fabrics are also certified by GOTs, which means that they contain no harmful chemicals. 

Broste Copenhagen operates according to the UN's 10 Global Compact principles, which means that all workers around the world are protected from corruption and unsafe working conditions.

About Blomus 

Blomus was founded in 1961 and as a brand, it is rooted in the German tradition of showcasing the exceptional quality and precision craftsmanship.   

Blomus is synonymous with intelligent, minimalist, and functional design for the contemporary home.

This German brand has built its success on the belief in material honesty, shape purity, and the necessity of a passionate approach. Blomus has become a leading provider of interior design and accessories that will endure and be loved for generations.

Blomus' Commitment to Sustainability

In the words of Willo Blome, the CEO of Blomus: “If you don't know your past, you will get lost in the future". The Blomus approach to design studies designs of the past to create a promising and sustainable future with quality, well-designed goods that reflect a contemporary way of life.

About HK Living 

Emiel Hetsen and Sander Klaver founded the Dutch brand. HK Living’s name was formed using the initials of both of the founders’ last names and the combination of both a creative mind and a mathematical brain has turned out to be a winning formula. 

From its creation, HK Living was a great success. With a collection of 28 products, the company's first collection went global within the first year, selling in 12 different countries. Since then, they have expanded their operations to 70 different countries.

HK Living's Commitment to Sustainability

HK Living has pathed a sustainable approach to creating unique and retro coffee mug sets that are beautiful, sturdy and eco-friendly.  This Dutch brand only supports fair trade, and sources all of their textiles and materials and labour sustainably.

Looking for something in particular?

If you love our range of special offers on minimalist Scandinavian mugs, why not check out our collection of exclusive offers on high quality, microwave-safe stoneware and tableware products. 

When you see something within our expansive catalogue that catches your eye, let us know so we can order it for you. 

We aim have for you to receive your order within ten working days of placing it.

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