Bay Sofa designed by Omayra Maymo

Bay Sofa designed by Omayra Maymo

The Bay sofa is designed by Spanish-based Omayra Maymó. The rounded edges and puffy cushions create a laid-back, fluid silhouette with a relaxed feel. It is a sofa that caters to your needs for comfort, and it has a distinct, welcoming look. The low frame has a lounge feel to it, which is reinforced by the fluffy cushions, the deep seat, and the low armrests. The wide, upholstered feet are a bold detail that creates a unique silhouette.

The sofa consists of an upholstered base made up by the lower frame and backrest, two seat cushions and two back cushions. The base is constructed with an internal wooden frame and spring system, which is covered in layers of foam to achieve a gentle look and feel. The front of the backrest has an even softer feel than the rest of the base due to its thicker foam layer and extra down padding. The seat cushions as well as the backrest are made from high-density polyurethane foam, covered with down padding to provide the same lush bounce.


“Omayra Maymó is one of Spains most talented interior designers and it is a true pleasure collaborating with a person, who is so meticulous in her design process and so passionate about every single curve, detail and line in the final product.”

Broste Copenhagen

“I wanted to transmit a sensation of summer where the lines are blurred between the indoors and the outdoors, and where we all want to sustain the feeling of lounging by the sea even when at home. The design of the sofa should be inviting and welcoming like the Spanish spirit while staying close to the pure and minimal essence of Scandinavian aesthetics. When designing the sofa, I was inspired by the traditional Mediterranean seaside architecture, with white stucco and a lot of curves. Very soft and laidback. I wanted to merge that with the clean Scandinavian minimalism creating a special, subtle dynamic in the design.”

Omayra Maymó

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