Mini Grandpa Whale

£44.00 £55.00 -20% OFF

Mini Grandpa Whale

£44.00 £55.00 -20% OFF

Is your child passionate about the marine world? Offer him a unique encounter with the most majestic of marine mammals in the company of our mini stuffed animal whale. The most beautiful story is about to come to life!

Prepare to welcome a flood of love with our little whale plush

Made with love, our mini whale comforter is created by our European-based seamstresses with handpicked quality materials. Its sturdy stitching and small size will allow your little one to carry it around with him or her for out-of-this-world adventures anytime, anywhere.

A true representative of marine life, our little whale plush represents the diversity of nature from the top of its 30cm and its 5 available colors: Grandmother Mint, White Albino, Grandfather Blue, Lady Pink or Ecru.

Bigstuffed, a world of dreams and emotions for young and old

Allow your child to immerse himself in a dreamy marine world from birth with the mini whale plush from Bigstuffed. Its soft fabrics will suit even the most sensitive little skins, making it the perfect comforter, even for babies or newborns.

This unique little thing is sure to win the hearts of the whole family with its little droopy eyes looking for love and tenderness. His albino appearance will deliver a message of tolerance at every moment, reminding your little one (or the older ones) that every being deserves to be cherished and pampered, despite his difference.

A beautiful lesson of life to carry through this cute mammal, which will become a true companion of all moments for your child.

The Bigstuffed mini whale: a plush like no other

Giving a Bigstuffed plush toy is much more than giving a simple toy. It's adopting a small, fragile animal that just wants to be cuddled all day long, when nature would have actually left it out. It's opening the doors to a world full of dreams and emotions, that your little one will never leave.

As a birth gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift or just for fun, any occasion is good to welcome this little Bigstuffed sea mammal into your home. Little girls or boys will not want to leave their mini whale, for their greatest happiness! Find it quickly on our online store!

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