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Grandma Octopus



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With its big soft eyes, long fluffy tentacles and its pastel shades, our famous octopus soft toy will open the door to an underwater world universe full of poetry and mystery for young and old alike. Our seamstresses have put their hearts into making this octopus soft toy straight from the seabed, using needles, fabric, and a little magic! This toy will gracefully guide your little one through the depths of a silent, strangely reassuring universe. Your child can take this new friend, with his protective, benevolent eye and long, soft arms on all their craziest adventures.


Length Top to Bottom : 60 CM ( 23.6 INCHES)
Diameter : 63 CM (24.8 INCHES)


Length Top to Bottom : 85 CM 
Diameter : 88CM

An octopus and a world of softness

The BigStuffed octopus will move through your child's stories, in its large format version which will be at home in the bedroom or in the playroom. The small version will be perfect for taking to Grandma's or cuddling on a restless night. With its gorgeous eyes full of love, our octopus cuddly toy will watch  over your little one's dreams. With strong stitching and premium fabric, it was born to last and stay by your side until he grows up (and beyond!)

As everyone knows, all small things are: as we can see with the Mini version of our octopus. A baby octopus with silky tentacles that you just can't resist: he can join the BigStuffed octopus family, sitting proudly  alongside Daddy octopus in your little one's room. 

BigStuffed: animals made by hand with delicacy and love

Made of cotton and faux fur, our octopus is the softest and safest toy for your child. From the seams to the eyes, our dedicated seamstresses have paid special attention to finer details. Tested to European standards, this soft toy from the ocean is perfectly safe for children, babies and even newborns. From the tip of its silky tentacles, the octopus soft toy will tickle baby's cheeks and provide comfort.

The first version of our octopus comforter was a milky white, for an albino octopus design for the baby great-niece of the creator of BigStuffed. Today, this toy comes in a rainbow of delicate colors echoing the beauty of the marine world: grey, albino white, orange or midnight blue.  Other colors are just crying out for the creation of a family of unusual marine animals: Grandma Mint, Mama Pink or Grandpa Blue.

The BigStuffed octopus soft toy: the perfect guardian angel to gift

The BigStuffed octopus soft toy is undoubtedly the ideal gift to bring joy and wonder to friends and family for all happy events: birthdays, birth gifts, baptisms and more. These occasions are the perfect time to gift your own child or the child of friends and family,  a new friend who will help them blow out their candles year after year. With its reassuring look, our handmade octopus soft toy will help little ones fall asleep peacefully, before becoming their best playmate in their extraordinary adventures deep in the ocean.

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