Chalk vase Nagaur


Chalk vase Nagaur

Raw Materials Amsterdam

This vase is made from a mix of Papermache and Chalk Powder. Combine the vase with the other items from this collection.

20cm Diameter x 35cm Height

The vases are made from an eco mix which consists of old newspapers, chalkpowder & glue in different percentages.

The process of how the base material is made:
1. Old newspapers are first soaked in water
2. The wet newspapers go through a machine and smashed into pulp
3. The pulp is mixed with crushed powdered chalk or lime-stone
4. Natural tree resin functions as the adhesive.
5. Resin crystals are melted in warm water and the liquid substance is added in the mix
6. Pulp, chalk & resin are mixed and pushed through an avegar
7. We then have the right substance and consistency, our base material.

From base material to final design:
1. Blocks of clay are pounded with a wooden mallet into sheets
2. The clay sheet is laid into a mould and pressed into the sides
3. Two half moulds are closed together, wrapped with a plastic band
4. From the inside extra clay is pushed into the connecting joints
5. The mould is left for 1-2 days drying in the air
6. The mould is opened and excess clay is cut off & small holes are filled by hand
7. The model is now further left to dry for another 3-5 days in the open air
8. Finally it is sprayed with a sealer so no colour comes off when handling

The full process consists of only 2 important items: the use of natural materials & skilled labour, exactly the 2 things Raw Materials loves the most! Any new design is firstly made in plaster of Paris. This goes into a block of gips. This is cut in half and these are the 2 moulds. Gips moulds can only be used 10 to 12 times.

Apart from dusting with a dry cloth, no maintenance is needed.

Extra information
Please note that the items from this collection are not waterproof.

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