At Paper Collective we believe that good design can be more than the sum of it aesthetics and its functions. In collaboration with our contributing artists, we donate part of all sales of our art prints to a good cause somewhere in the world.

This year, we are commencing our biggest project yet, as we start the process of building a new school in rural Nepal in collaboration with our partner Human Practice Foundation.
The project is fully financed by the sales of Paper Collective posters. So every time you buy a poster here, you play a part in this project.

There is a framework agreement in place with the local government for the ongoing staffing, running and maintaining the school once it is completed.

Expected timeline

October 2018
Final location of project to be decided after visits to the selected areas.

November 2018-January 2019
Preparation of building site, materials and creating agreements with local suppliers and partners

February 2019
Initiation of building process

July-August 2019
Construction pause due to monsoon season

February 2020
Finish of building project. Soft school start.

Spring 2020
Finalizing the equipping of school amenities, furniture, library etc.

Summer/Fall 2020
Fully opened school


Image credit: Human Practice Foundation

October 2018

The project has started!

We have started to build up a school close to Fungling in Taplejung, Nepal. The school is located in the most beautiful surroundings in the mountains and we are so happy to get started here. The school contains 282 students and hopefully our work, building up the school, will increase the number of students.

We are aiming to build up 10 classrooms and moreover we’ll have a focus on building up a library, computer room, science lab and teacher training.

Image credit: Human Practice Foundation

August 2019

…but it takes time and we are right now on a pause because of the monsoon. 

Nepal has been hit hard by landslides and floods. Fortunately, Taplejung has escaped ‘cheap’, but has still been hit by a lot of rain and we are therefore waiting for more build-friendly weather.

Image credit: Human Practice Foundation

October 2019

Good news from Nepal – the school building at Singhakali Secondary School has begun!

After the heavy monsoon in Nepal good progress has been made. The ground floor, walls and ceiling/floor between the two floors are now moulded – yeay! This process requires a lot of hands and we are so happy that the met up numerous times to help with this process.

Image credit: Human Practice Foundation

November 2019

It is always great joy receiving an update from Nepal. The progress on the first floor is going well and it won’t be long before we will start building the roof on the new building – yeah, we are getting closer and closer to 1st Days of school!

 Image Credit: Human Rights Foundation

February 2020

We’re almost there!

The construction is progressing very fast. Soon 300 children will have an opportunity to learn in the new, modern, earthquake resilient building. Gender segregated and disabled-friendly toilet facilities are now under construction and will be completed within two weeks.

The local community and the teachers from the Singhakali Secondary School showed great interest and commitment to the project and some of the Teachers have already attended our Teacher’s Trainings in order to improve the quality education at the School. We are looking forward to the official opening of the new school building and to assure that the development continues, quality education program will be implemented.


Image Credit: Human Practice Foundation

March, 2020

Meet Nabin Limbu, Nepali teacher from Singhakali Secondary School.

‘’Our school was facing many problems in the past. The old building was in a great risk to collapse, the classrooms were small and dark with many holes in the walls and the roof was leaking. Currently, we are teaching in the Temporary Learning Center and are all looking very much forward to the opening of the new school building and toilets. Around 300 students attend to our school, but most of them don’t attend regularly so the daily attendance ratio is not higher than 50%. I strongly believe that thanks to the new beautiful and safe building the attendance ratio will increase and more students will receive a proper education. Together with other teachers we are planning door to door campaigns promoting education and our goal is to encourage parents to send their children to school daily and teach them about the crucial role of education.‘’

Image Credit: Human Practice Foundation


Meet Soni Limbu, 12 year old student from Singhakali School.

‘’My parents are farmers and I have a lot of responsibilities at home. I mainly need to cook, clean and take care of the buffalos. I like to go to school to play with my friends and I am enjoying Nepali lessons, especially reading poems. I am looking forward to the opening of the new school building so we can finally study in a nice and cosy environment.’’

Image Credit: Human Practice Foundation

Meet Santosh Limbu, who surprised us with his great English skills.

‘’My favourite subject is English and I find it really important to learn that language, as I would like to to work abroad in the future. My parents are farmers and I hope If I am able to complete my education, I can find a decent job and be able to support them financially. Our school was facing many problems before and thanks to donations of honourable donor and support of the Human Practice Foundation we will soon be able to study in a safe and friendly environment. I believe it will have a great impact not only on students but the entire community as well.‘’

Image Credit: Human Practice Foundation

Meet Junu BK, 15 years old student from Singhakali Secondary School.

‘’Me and my friends are really looking forward to the opening of the new school building. Currently, we are studying in a Temporary Learning Center which is very unpleasant, especially now in wintertime as we often struggle with the cold weather and wind. My favourite subject is Nepali and in the future I would like to become a teacher and educate young people from our village.‘’

Image Credit: Human Practice Foundation

Meet Biwash Limbu, 15 years student from Singhakali Secondary School.

‘’Both of my parents are teachers. Therefore, I understand the important role of education attend the school regularly. My favourite subject is Social Subject and in the future, I would like to become a teacher. Our community is facing many problems. There is a big alcohol problem, child marriages and lack of education. I believe through educating children we can change bad habits of our society.‘’

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