Teepee tents for kids

Looking for a fun space for your little ones to play? A teepee is a great option! With one of these stunning tents, your kids will have a magical space all of their own that they can read in, play in and hide in… away from adults!

Find out more about teepees here, and check out our collection of beautiful teepees, suitable for all homes and ages, and in a wide range of colours.

What is a teepee?

Sometimes called a tee pee, tp or tipi, a teepee is a lightweight cone-shaped tent that is made by laying fabric over wooden poles. 

Teepees are a wonderful alternative to a playhouse for children as they are lightweight, and you can move them around as needed. Teepees are fantastic if space is at a premium in your home.

How old does my child have to be for a teepee?

Teepees are great for children of all ages, from toddlers to tweens.

Once they have been built, teepees are incredibly sturdy, which means they are safe for little ones to use, although you may want to supervise younger children while they play.

Always check the size of the teepee you want to purchase carefully, so you know how many kids will fit inside!


Can I use a teepee outside?

Yes! Most teepees are ideal for both indoor and outdoor play.

An outdoor teepee will give your child space to store all of their toys and games, as well as provide them with protection against the hot summer sun.

Plus, once your little ones are done playing, just pick up the teepee and move it indoors!

What can I use a teepee for?

When you buy a teepee for your home, you can use it in several different ways. Here are some of our favourites.

Set up a teepee in your garden, and your kids and their friends can have a sleepover outside - BBQ and roasted marshmallows optional!

Put it in your child’s bedroom as a place they can take a nap - pop lots of soft pillows and blankets inside for the ultimate sleeping spot!

If your child is an avid reader, a teepee can make a nice quiet reading nook for them. There will be plenty of space for all of their books and comics, as well as plump pillows to chill out on. Why not make a brand new tradition of choosing a book together and reading it in the teepee?

Want to keep an eye on your small ones while you work or relax? Put your teepee in your living room or home office, and they will have a fun place to play, while you get a little bit of peace!

How can I make my teepee extra special?

Teepees are surprisingly roomy, so you can add lots of things to them to make them a fun and exciting hideaway for your kids.

Add blankets, pillows or cuddly toys for a cosy reading or nap space, or some shimmering fairy lights or bunting for a fantasy retreat to share with their best friends. 

How do you assemble a teepee?

Assembling a teepee is a lot easier than you may think. First, take the wooden sticks and insert them into the fabric hems. Next, raise the teepee and press down on the wooden sticks to spread them out.

Tie the sticks at the top… and you’re done!

Because it’s so easy to put a teepee up and take it down, you can move it all around the home and garden, take it to a friend’s house or store it in order to save space!