Mathy By Bols

Mathy By Bols

Mathy By Bols - The Ultimate Children's Bedroom Furniture 

It’s every child’s dream to have their own treehouse to sleep, play, read, relax and party in. Bring your child’s dream to life with our wonderful collection of Mathy By Bols children's furniture. 

Whether you're looking for a single bed, bunk bed or treehouse bed, we're confident our collection of kids furniture will hit the mark.

Your child's bedroom isn't just a place for them to sleep, it's a space for them to learn, play and dream. Give your kids the gift of Imagination with our Mathy By Bols treehouse and kids furniture range.

About Mathy By Bols

Mathy By Bols is one of the world's most creative and passionate designers. In fact, over the past 25 years, they have created some of the most unique children's beds and furniture ever seen.

This Belgium designer is known worldwide for their creative creations, including their Treehouse Bed and Tent Bed. It is impossible not to be amazed by their spectacular kids beds and high-quality children's furniture.

With Mathy By Bols Kids furniture, you can find an eco-friendly combination of unique style and high quality, as their children's furniture is created by expert craftsmen working hand in hand with passionate designers to give you a truly unique gift that your children will adore.

Mathy By Bol’s Commitment to Sustainability

Mathy By Bols not only focus on creating magical kids beds designs, they also have a soft spot for planet earth too. What’s not to love, right?

Mathy By Bols has pathed a sustainable approach to creating furniture that’s beautiful, sturdy and eco-friendly.  Jean-Marie Bols and Jules Mathy have been manufacturing kids furniture in Belgium for more than 25 years and ensure that all their timber is PEFC certified and the timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Simply put, Mathy By Bols is helping kids around the world sleep safely at night whilst creating a cleaner and more eco-friendly environment for them to grow up in too.

Mathy by Bols

Tree house One Bed

From £1,350.00

Mathy by Bols

Tree house Bunk Bed

From £1,780.00

Mathy by Bols

Tree house One Bed with Slide

From £1,500.00

Mathy by Bols

Tree house Bunk Bed with Slide

From £1,900.00