HK Living

HK Living

Contemporary Scandinavian Design, tailored with you in Mind

Imagine this, it's a beautifully calm and quiet morning, you're comfortably sat on an irresistibly comfy Rattan Egg Chair, whilst sipping a delicious brew out of a 70s style coffee mug. Sounds like heaven right? This dream can become reality with HK Living's range of high quality and sustainable homeware products. 

About HK Living 

Emiel Hetsen and Sander Klaver founded the Dutch brand. HK Living’s name was formed using the initials of both of the founders’ last names and the combination of both a creative mind and a mathematical brain has turned out to be a winning formula. 

From its creation, HK Living was a great success. With a collection of 28 products, the company's first collection went global within the first year, selling in 12 different countries. Since then, they have expanded their operations to 70 different countries.

HK Living's Commitment to Sustainability

HK Living has pathed a sustainable approach to creating unique and retro coffee mug sets that are beautiful, sturdy and eco-friendly.  This Dutch brand only supports fair trade, and sources all of their textiles and materials and labour sustainably.

Looking for something in particular?

When you see something in HK Living's catalogue that catches your eye, let us know so we can order it for you. 

In most cases, you will receive your order within ten working days of placing it.

HK Living

Boho Lamp Base Sand/ Cream

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