How to Create a Scandi Festive Table Design

In this guide, I’ll be letting you in on my secrets for styling a Scandi-inspired festive table that effortlessly blends timeless design, utilitarian functionality, and sustainable principles.
How to Create a Scandi Festive Table Design

Welcome to the season of joy, warmth, and gatherings! As the festive season approaches, I enjoy designing an impressive Christmas table to feast at with loved ones. In this guide, I’ll be showing you how to create a table design that really ‘wows’ your guests when they arrive for Christmas lunch, or when your friends pop over for a festive tipple (or two!) Grab a cuppa, here goes… 

HKLiving Scandinavian Ceramics

Invest in Scandi Designed Ceramics

A Scandinavian-inspired table is all about functionality and enduring design, so I like to choose durable, high-quality ceramics that are designed and made well. Our HK Living collections are perfect for the modern Christmas table. Choose colourful HKLiving 70s Ceramics for a retro feel, HKLiving Chef Ceramics for rustic plates and bowls in incredible colours, or HKLiving Kyoto Ceramics for more muted tones and Japanese-inspired shapes. Mix up the patterns and colours, and stack up a large plate and bowl at each table setting for an eclectic approach. These collections are full of classic Scandi design nods, have minimalist patterns and timeless colours that stand the test of time, ensuring your investment lasts for many festive seasons to come.


Broste Copenhagen Amber Glassware

Your Best Glassware

A clink to Christmas is made even more special with beautiful glassware, which also brings height and colour to your table. Our new Broste Copenhagen Amber Glassware collection is inspired by the rich golden tones of amber. This honey-coloured glass adds elegance to your table and is perfect for entertaining. If you’re going for more of a monochrome theme, then try the Broste Copenhagen Smoke Glassware collection.


Society of Wanderers Stevie Linen Napkin Set

Layer with Textures and Textiles

To add some warmth and depth to a festive table, I love to play around with layering textures and textiles. Introduce different textures through the use of runners, mats, coasters and napkins. I adore Broste Copenhagen’s Aubergine Gracie Linen Napkin and their Fawn Gracie Linen Napkin for contrast too. For a more vintage table, the Society of Wanderers Stevie Linen Napkin Set will look just the part. A well-chosen tablecloth can tie the entire interior design look together too, providing a backdrop for the rest of your festive decor, we have some gorgeous tablecloth pieces here. Finish it off by draping a Shepherd of Sweden sheepskins over a couple of chairs.


Luna Pendant Lamp Halo Natural

Set the Mood with Cosy Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right cosy atmosphere at Christmas. Turn the ‘big light’ off and embrace the Nordic tradition of hygge by incorporating soft, warm lighting into your interior design. Our HKLiving pendants and Raw Materials Rattan pendant lamps are perfect for hanging low over the dining table - I love using these around my home to light up dark corners. Try placing taller candle stands (we love this House Doctor Tristy candle stand) or single candle holders like this one from IB Laursen in the centre, paired with these lovely Broste Copenhagen Terracotta Dinner Candles as a centrepiece for intimate and cosy flickering lights.


Madame Stoltz Hand Painted Paper Mache Mushroom

Bring in Nature-Inspired Elements

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with decor from nature. Incorporate pinecones, evergreen branches, or small potted plants for a touch of greenery. I love to gather some bare branches, even better if they have moss and lichen on them, arrange them in a vase and decorate with some of our beautiful Christmas home decorations. These natural accents not only enhance the Scandi design aesthetic but also contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly tablescape.


HKLiving 70s Ceramics

Create a Festive Drinks Station

Impress your friends by setting up a festive drinks station, and you can make it a little different to usual by embracing the Scandinavian love for coffee and mulled wine. Arrange a selection of our HKLiving mugs, a stylish coffee pot, and a carafe for the mulled wine and let the drinks flow... 


House Doctor Paper Star

Finishing Touches

No Christmas table is complete without some Christmas decorations. Place a House Doctor Paper Star (pictured above) on each place setting, and gift everyone a playful Meri Meri Nutcracker Character Crackers or Meri Meri Elf Crackers to add a magical touch to your festive celebrations. Finally, just before your guests arrive, light our Broste Copenhagen Winter Spice scented candle to fill your home with the festive scent of cinnamon.

As you plan out your festive table this season, I hope you enjoy my tips. If you found this useful, I’d love to see your Christmas table this year, just tag me on Instagram (@folkinteriors). Cheers to a season of warmth, joy, and unforgettable gatherings around your stunning table!

Enjoy folks.

Katy x

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