Yumbox is the perfect tool to eat healthily whilst on the go.  

Yumbox fans are as little as weaning babies (who can have their purees packed next to their rice cakes), as active as busy school children (who can be encouraged to eat a nutritionally balanced diet by its educational, illustrated, tray) or as stylish as Ladies who Lunch (who love the easy, compact and stylish design for portion control and healthy eating).



The Yumbox Collection

There are 4 FABULOUS styles in the Yumbox collection...

The Yumbox Classic

Designed for young children, the award winning, Yumbox Classic is now used and loved by hundreds of thousands of families across the world (check out #Yumbox on instagram for thousands of photos)

The five main food wells in the Yumbox Classic can each accommodate ½ cup servings. Each well is labelled with the 5 food groups (vegetable, grains, fruit, dairy and protein) that make up a balanced meal for a young child.  The Yumbox Classic was designed to assist parents in presenting a healthy meal with a variety of foods to create a balanced meal. You may use less food for a toddler or fill each well for an older child.

The Yumbox Panino

Pack a sandwich (crusts on) or a salad in the large compartment salads and still have room for extra sides and snacks.

Yumbox Panino is the same compact size but holds more food for growing kids and adults.
It’s perfect for school, work and weight conscious lunches.

 It is the perfect way to pack a healthy meal to eat on the go (be that breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks)


The Yumbox Mini Snack

The super cute Yumbox Mini Snack is a smaller version of the regular Yumbox but with all of its fabulous features (leak proof lid, compartmentalised tray, stylish design). 

Designed to pack varied, healthy snacks and be small and easy to carry


The Yumbox Tapas

The new larger, Yumbox Tapas has interchangeable trays so you can opt to lay out your lunch in either a 4 of 5 compartment tray.  It is a larger box designed for teenagers and adults to pack a stylish, healthy and waste free lunch.


Yumbox Features include...

  • A LEAK-PROOF SINGLE LID - the silicone lined lid seals all compartments in one move making Yumbox leak-proof for yoghurts and dips
  • BALANCE & PORTION CONTROL - the pre-portioned and illustrated tray guides you to pack a healthy, balanced lunch
  • A GREEN DESIGN the air-tight compartments eliminate the need for plastic bags and cling-film making your lunches waster free
  • DISHWASHER AND FOOD SAFE all materials used in production are food safe, BPA-free and phthalates-free
  • STYLISH AND PRACTICAL - Yumbox not only looks great but is suitable for storing food in the fridge overnight and also dishwasher proof for that all important post lunch clean-up!
  • CHILD FRIENDLY - Yumbox is compact and sturdy and the latch is easy for children to open.  The Yumbox Classic offers a nutritionally balanced meal for a child from baby weaning through to the age of eight (fully filled).  
  • EDUCATIONAL AND FUN - with is fun illustrations children (and adults) are reminded about portion control and the importance of a healthy variety of food group


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