OYOY Living Design

OYOY Living Design

OYOY Living Design - magical Danish homewares

OYOY Living Design is a collection of homewares that have been designed to be both beautiful and practical at the very same time.

This elegant and sustainable range of interior design products takes Scandinavian concepts and blends them with the most precious childhood memories. Each piece will transport you back to when you were young!

As well as products that will make your living spaces look stunning, OYOY Living Design also specialises in beautiful, quirky items for children and young people too. 

Let’s take a look at the world of OYOY Living Design and how it can add a little magic and sparkle to your home.

About OYOY Living Design

Founded in 2021 by Danish designer Lotte Fynboe, OYOY Living Design is all about creative and playful homewares. The collection is influenced by traditional Danish homeware designs as well as Lotte’s very own childhood memories. 

This range is truly timeless, and can be seen in homes and offices all across the world.

Did you know that the name ‘OYOY’ comes from ‘OY’ the aircraft registration prefix that identifies Denmark? This represents the Danish heritage factored into every single product crafted by OYOY Living Design.

OYOY Living Design and kids

Looking for fun and playful homeware to decorate your little one’s bedroom or playroom? You’re in the right place!

Even if you don’t know of OYOY Living Design, you’ll be sure to have seen the famous ‘Follow the Rainbow’ wall rug on Pinterest and Instagram! Don’t forget that you can buy your very own rainbow rug here at Folk Interiors.

OYOY Living Design specialises in innovative, high-quality and creative designs for children of all ages.

From clothes hooks designed like woodland critters to cuddly toys and wooden money banks, OYOY Living Design’s collection will add a touch of fantasy and magic to any kid’s living space. 

All products from the OYOY Living Design range are crafted from the highest-quality and most durable materials. This means that they can be chucked about, dragged in the mud and thrown in the washing machine and still be soft and huggable!

OYOY Living Design even has adorable goodies for the smallest of tots, including teethers and colourful pram mobiles for babies. So if you’re looking for a present to welcome a newborn baby into the world, OYOY Living Design will leave you spoilt for choice.

OYOY Living Design for adults

As well as lots of quirky interior designs for children, OYOY Living Design has lots of treats for the young at heart too!

OYOY Living Design is the perfect blend of Scandinavian simplicity and childlike wonder. Plus, as everything is lovingly crafted from the highest-quality materials, everything you buy will always look as stunning as the day you bought it.

From placemats and bowls for your dining room to cosy cushions and throws for your bedroom, this striking range will add a beautiful pop of colour to every room of your home.

OYOY Living Design and sustainability

As many of OYOY Living Design’s products are used by children, it’s vital that they are safe for wandering hands and mouths. As a result, OYOY Living Design’s range of homewares do not contain any dangerous chemicals, and they only use suppliers that adopt safe working practices.

OYOY Living Design, its suppliers and partners all comply with the Global Compact’s ten principles, meaning that they value human rights and labour rights. All products are manufactured with sustainable and recyclable materials, including bamboo, cork and cotton. This means that when you buy homeware from OYOY Living Design, you are playing a part in a better tomorrow.

OYOY Living Design

Follow the Rainbow Rug


OYOY Living Design

Jumping lion wall hanging


OYOY Living Design

Follow the Rainbow Rug Choko


OYOY Living Design

Cherry On Top Wall Rug - Red