Olli Ella

Olli Ella

Olli Ella - Gorgeously Playful & Minimalistic Nursery Collection

With a vintage aesthetic and timeless design, Olli Ella's collection draws inspiration from childhood travels and sustainably sourced materials to create beautiful nursery accessories.

As a brand, Olli Ella's core belief is that just because something is made for a nursery, it does not need to look out of place anywhere else.

From beautiful storage solutions like the See Ya Suitcase, Piki Basket and Luggy, to doll accessories and dress up, the Olli Ella range of storage solutions and Dinkum dolls are the perfect addition to a stylish home.

Explore the Olli Ella collection today and experience the joy of nostalgically beautiful designs with a contemporary twist.

About Olli Ella

The brand was created by sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman in London in 2009. Their aim was to design nursery furniture which was well made of high quality and sustainably sourced materials and is beautiful to look at.  

Olli and Ellas's designs fuse nostalgia with modern living, and where possible, they use sustainably sourced natural materials. From their rattan stroller to their dolls romper and strolley mattress, every piece in this collection is designed with playful simplicity in mind. 

Olli Ella's Commitment to Sustainability 

The English based brand uses a variety of natural materials with an emphasis on craftsmanship and ethical production.

As a brand, Olli and Ella not only focus on creating wonderfully beautiful children's nursery designs, they also have a soft spot for planet earth too. 

Using a sustainable approach, Olli Ella UK produces products that are beautiful, high-quality, and environmentally friendly.  

Simply put, founders Chloe and Olivia Brookman are helping kids around the world play safely whilst creating a cleaner and more eco-friendly environment for them to grow up in too.

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Olli Ella

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