Maileg - whimsical toys and accessories for children

If you are looking for adorable toys for your boys and girls to play with, Maileg provides a wide range of charming animal toys and playtime accessories for little ones of all ages.

From bunnies, pandas and rhinos to Maileg’s famous collection of pocket-sized mice, we promise that you’ll be smitten by these lovable playtime friends!

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About Maileg

Maileg (pronounced My’Lye) was founded by Dorthe Mailil, a Danish designer and illustrator, in 1999. 

As part of an art school project, Dorthe decided to create a pixie made out of clay. This little pixie quickly became the inspiration for the Maileg brand.

Maileg comes from Dorthe’s last name and ‘leg’, which is the Danish word for ‘play’. The range of toys and dress-up accessories have been created to inspire children to play and grow their imaginations.

Maileg toys and sustainability

Maileg is dedicated to sustainability - after all, even the smallest steps can help us create a better tomorrow.

Products are shipped by sea to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and export cartons are reused where possible. Toys are stuffed with recycled stuffing, and FSC-approved wood, cardboard and paper from sustainable forests are used.

All Maileg toys are handcrafted with love and are of exceptional quality - the toys are often passed from child to child, as well as from generation to generation! 

Why is playtime so important for children?

In the modern-day world of tablets, smartphones and YouTube videos on demand, traditional playtime may feel like a strange and unusual concept! However, it can have a wide range of benefits for young children.

When they play, children are learning and developing. Playtime can help grow their social skills, as well as become more creative - vital skills they need to learn as they grow. By playing with toys, children are learning not only about themselves, but their surroundings too.

As well as helping their cognitive skills to develop, playtime has a physical benefit too. Playing helps children develop their motor skills, as well as boosting their stamina and energy levels. After all, children always seem to have a great night’s sleep after an intensive play session!

Playing helps children learn how to interact with other children. Whether they’re playing with a sibling, best friend or are out on a playdate; playtime teaches little ones how to share and cooperate with other children.

Playtime is a good thing for adults to take part in too! By joining in with your child’s playtime, you’re learning more about how your child likes to interact with other people, as well as relaxing and reducing your stress levels.

The Maileg range of toys is a great way to introduce children to the concept of creative play.

Introducing the Maileg pocket mice

One of the things we love the most about the Maileg range of toys is the Maileg pocket mice. These little critters are not only extremely cute, but are an excellent way for little ones aged three and up to learn about the world around them.

The Maileg pocket mice come as a family. There’s mum, dad, big brother, big sister, little brother and little sister… not forgetting the adorable babies! This makes for a lovely opportunity for little ones to understand their role in the family, and act out scenarios that feature their parents and siblings.

The pocket mice come with their own storage boxes, lovingly designed as matchboxes or cigar boxes. This gives your little ones a handy place to store their mice when they have finished playing, as well as a container to carry them in when they are on the move.

All pocket mice come dressed and ready to play, and there is an extensive range of additional clothing and accessories available too. Do mummy and daddy mouse want to be king and queen for the day? Are big brother and big sister going camping in the forest for the weekend? Are the whole family taking a well-deserved trip to the beach? No matter what the scenario is, Maileg has the accessories for it.

The only limit to the fun is your little one’s imagination!

Cuddly toys for the littlest members of the family

From newborns to toddlers, Maileg has a comprehensive collection of snuggly, huggable toys for everyone!

Many of the soft toys available are made of the softest linen, come in different colours and sizes and are suitable for all ages. Whether you choose the teddy bear, panda, piglet or hippo, we think they are the perfect gift to welcome a new arrival into the world! There are also adorable rattles available which are the ideal first friend for any baby.

Maileg has a range of cuddly bunnies that come in various sizes and have a range of different outfits available. This means that everyone in the family can have their very own bunny to hug!

Many Maileg toys come with one eye open and one eye closed. We love this as it means that they can go to sleep at the same time as your little one does.

There are also larger versions of Maileg’s pocket mice for older children. So whether they are into superheroes or ballerinas, there’s a choice for everyone, whether they are large or small.

Distributors of Maileg toys and accessories across the UK

At Folk Interiors, we stock a comprehensive range of Maileg toys and accessories at our warehouse in Devon in the South East of England. 

This means that you can place an order from us, and your adorable Maileg toys will be with you as soon as possible, ready for your little one’s playtime!

You can find all the Maileg toys and accessories we stock on this page, and order online. If there is something in particular that you are looking for, let us know - we’d be more than happy to order it in for you.


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