Why the Sticky Lemon Bum Bag is the only bag you’ll need this festival season.

Why the Sticky Lemon Bum Bag is the only bag you’ll need this festival season.

With the winter months firmly in the rear view mirror, and (hopefully) some sunnier weather on its way, there’s no better time to think about the upcoming festival season. Every year, we go through the same rigmarole of reading pages and pages of fashion magazines, asking us “What would Alexa Chung wear?” to this year’s festivals, and every year we get to June still without a clue what to wear and what accessories to take with us. And, after Glastonbury’s fallow year in 2018, everyone is back thirstier than ever for a good old boogie in a random field, somewhere in England.


With wellies firmly on, denim shorts hoisted up and greasy hair braided, you set off from the tent with a can of dark fruit cider in one hand and your phone in the other.


But every person has the same question - where do I put the rest of my stuff? A clutch bag just isn’t practical for a festival, and nobody wants to be stood behind someone with a rucksack barging into them every five seconds.


It’s impossible to hold your money, phone, ID, debit card and drinks all night while you dance, and at the same time, stuffing it all between your pockets and your bra isn’t the most sensible or secure place to stash your worldly posessions. Furthermore, after you’ve spent months planning your festival outfits, you don’t want to ruin the vibe with a scruffy bag attached to you.


Well, here’s the answer: the Sticky Lemon bumbag. The Sticky Lemon bumbag is big enough to fit everything you need in, small enough that it isn’t an inconvenience to have it attached round your waist, and most importantly, will put off pickpocketers at festivals. It also looks really, really cool.



Sticky Lemon is a dutch brand, established in 2016, and even though the majority of their items are aimed at children and tweens, their bumbag is the perfect accessory for any festival goer.


The bags can be bought from Folk Interiors online (www.folkinteriors.co.uk) for just £19 each, and they come in three colours: steel blue, sporty red and soft pink. The bag is made from recycled PET bottles, making it environmentally sustainable, and is wipe clean which, as we know all too well, is handy for at a festival. Each of the bags also has a corduroy lining, making it hardwearing and durable. It comes with a sturdy zip, and an even sturdier, adjustable belt to fasten around your waist or across your body. It’s got a robust side release clip to fasten, and the Sticky Lemon label attached at the side.


It’s super high quality, and is built to last so this may well be the last festival bag you ever buy.


The Sticky Lemon bumbag is going to be this year’s must-have accessory - and you can buy it for just £19 from Folk Interiors.

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