Maileg Mice and Bunnies

Maileg Mice and Bunnies


 What is it that comes to mind when you think of spring-time and Easter? It might be daffodils blossoming in the garden, or the memory of eating your own bodyweight in chocolate, or it might even be enjoying the first proper bank holiday weekend of the year. But for me, this time of year is synonymous with the little baby animals which are going to be born now that the, hopefully, good weather is on its way.


For me, whenever I think of Easter, the first baby animal which comes to mind are the tiny bunny rabbits which I see hopping in and out of the hedgerows as I drive around the country lanes near where we live. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I can see them jumping around our garden as I stand at the kitchen window, a cup of tea in one hand, and a piece of leftover chocolate egg in the other. With their little bunny rabbit tails, the way their nose snuffles up, their big eyes and ears watching and listening to everything, I find them adorably cute.

Watching my own daughters at our annual Easter egg hunt, finding the chocolate eggs we’ve hidden all over the garden and house, and running around filling their Olli Ella luggy's and baskets with treats, reminds me so vividly of the Easter egg hunts I took part in during my own childhood. It’s such a magical time, believing that the Easter Bunny has been and visited your home, and of course left you all of these delicious treats.

 easter baskets olli ella

However, unlike Christmas, Easter doesn’t always leave you with gifts that you can keep forever, and if your children are anything like mine, that chocolate won’t last longer than the afternoon! Often, you want to give someone something that they can keep and treasure forever, that every time they look at it, they remember the gifter with fond memories.


And that’s why Maileg have produced a range of high-quality and collectable toys, perfect to give as a gift this Easter, either to start off someone’s collection, or to add to it.

 Maileg bunnies

Firstly, the Maileg bunnies. The Maileg bunnies come in a range of sizes, from 11cm to 98cm, and here at Folk Interiors, we stock the mini, medium and mega Maileg bunnies (26cm, 51cm and 80cm). The Maileg bunnies are super high-quality, made of natural linen and cotton, and are very durable so will last for years if looked after. The Maileg bunnies also have a good weight to them, in particular the larger ‘mega’ range, making them great for small children to hold on to and cuddle, and they also look beautiful around the house, more like an ornament than a toy.


 Maileg mice of all sizes

There’s also the range of Maileg mice, which are quirky little dolls, again made from natural linen and cotton. These Maileg mice are very high quality and durable, and provide hours of entertainment for children to play with. You can collect the families of the Maileg mice, parents, grandparents and brother and sister mice little and big, as well as little baby mice, and they come in little retro-style matchboxes with a ready-made bed for them to sleep in, making tidy up time that bit easier after playing with them. You can also buy a house and accessories for the Maileg mice, such as tiny prams for the babies, as well as chairs and ironing boards, and even tiny stoves and utensils.

Maileg house with furniture


The Maileg mice and the Maileg bunnies are also perfect to give as a gift, not only to children, but also to adults who like mice and bunnies, as they’re so beautiful to keep out on display, ready to be looked after for many years. The mum and dad mouse in a cigar box make a great anniversary gift or perhaps a wedding gift.

 mum and dad in cigarbox from maileg

Here at Folk Interiors, we believe that the toys you play with as a child will stick with you throughout your whole life, and with Maileg, the toys they make are such high-quality, and machine washable that should they be looked after properly, you’ll be able to hand them down the generations for years to come.


Folk Interiors stocks both Maileg mice and Maileg bunnies, as well as a range of Maileg accessories for you to buy.



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