Liewood Changing Accessories

Liewood Changing Accessories

So, you’re a new mum to a tiny human being that requires your attention 100 per cent of the time. It’s quite the change from the person you were before. You’ve swapped your heels for a pair of wide-fitting flats, you’ve changed your sexy lace underwear for a maternity bra and an adult diaper (we’ve all been there!), and you’ve swapped out your designer handbag for a dull, oversized baby-changing bag that nine-months ago, you wouldn’t have been seen dead with. You’re in the midst of an identity crisis; You’ve gone from being just ‘you’, to being known as ‘mum’ for the rest of your life. Trust us, we at Folk Interiors understand!


Now, picture the scene. You’re meeting friends for lunch at a trendy new place in town. With your baby on one arm, and diaper bag hoisted over the other shoulder, you fight your way through the cramped restaurant to the table, only to get there and realise that Tiny Human needs a nappy change. In the past, you’d only speak about poo when holidaying in destinations with dodgy hygiene standards and with your one friend who has IBS. But now, poo seems to rule your life.

You fight your way back through the restaurant, stinky Tiny Human crying in discomfort, as you lug your hugely oversized baby changing bag through the room, knocking over glasses of wine and barging into people as you go, as it inconveniently falls off your shoulder as you push your way into the baby-changing cubicle. You take out the ghastly changing mat you’ve brought with you, and whack your crying baby on it to get this job over and done with. What an ordeal.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Liewood understands the modern family, and founder Anne Marie Lie Nielsen understands the modern mum in particular. Based in Copenhagen, Liewood aims to create pieces of the highest quality that will last for generations. Not only are their products made of the softest organic cotton, Liewood products are also ethically sourced and created. And best of all? They look amazing.


That’s why Liewood pieces appeal to myself and my online shop, Folk Interiors, so much. I’m a mother of two young children, and I completely understand the need that new mums have for pieces that are practical, ethical, discrete, and above all, look good.


So, rather than leaving mothers to lug around a horrible changing bag, I stock the Liewood Liv Baby Clutch, a lightweight, easy to carry, and most importantly, nice looking, clutch bag made especially for your baby-changing needs. The Liv Baby Clutch Bag has a section for wet wipes, and a section for a spare nappy or two, and can easily be thrust under the arm as you make your way to the baby-changing cubicle. It’s also easy to open, and easy to close, with just a simple popper-button on the side so that you can open it and close it using one hand, meaning you’re able to hold your baby in the other.


It’s the same story when it comes to baby-changing mats. Baby changing mats are often made of sticky plastic which is uncomfortable for your baby, has a ridiculously garish pattern printed on it and is usually impossible to fold away after use. Folk Interiors believes that changing mats shouldn’t be this way, and that’s why they stock the Liewood Wilma Changing Blanket. Again, it’s easy to tuck under the arm when you’re on the way to the baby changing room, and it even has a small handle you can loop around your wrist. Soft to the touch, thanks to the organic cotton which it’s made of, and nicely padded, making it comfortable for your baby to lie on, it’s practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. With two pockets featured in the mat, one for a nappy, and one for baby wipes, it can easily be folded away using one hand, whilst you hold your baby in the other.


So changing your baby in public is no longer the ordeal it has been in the past. With your Liv Baby Clutch Bag and Wilma Changing Blanket under one arm, and your baby on the other, you’ll be able to look and feel great, taking your baby to the changing room with these discrete, practical, but most importantly aesthetically pleasing products.


Folk Interiors stocks the Wilma Changing Blanket in ‘Little Dot Rose’ for £39.00, and the Liv Baby Clutch in ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Dot Mustard’ for £19.50 each.

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